Robotic Pallet Manufacture

Robotic Pallet Manufacture


Autoline Robotic Pallet Manufacturing




When jobs are dangerous, dull, dirty and repetitive robotic automation provides great

Typical results from robotic automation are;

– Increased productivity from your labour force.
– Increased workplace safety due to manual handling processes being carried out
– Reduction in waste, consumables and rework through consistency.
– Increased profitability giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

From high- volume, heavy duty fabrication to high speed precise material handling, we work
with our clients to help optimise operations in nearly any application. With a wide rage of highly
flexible robots, skilled technicians, standardised work cells and end to end automation,
Autoline can deliver the correct solution to meet your specific needs.

We consult to the industrial manufacturing sector in New Zealand which includes engineering,
forestry, food, plastics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, machinery, warehousing, and logistics.


Why Robotic Pallet Manufacture?


– Flexibility to produce a wider variety of pallets. Ideal for shorter production runs of 25 to 1,500 units, robotic pallet assembly can produce up to 50 block pallets an hour or approximately 60 stringer pallets an hour.
– Robots increase productivity as they are capable of more than doubling production capacity per person.
– Consistent production quality – all week long.
– Reduce injury claims through reduction in heavy lifting.
– Improve work environment and allow operators to do higher value tasks.
– We work to a typical capital payback of 18-24 months.
– Product change over of approximately 5mins, reducing overall downtime.

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