OCTOPUZ Simulation

OCTOPUZ Simulation


What is OCTOPUZ?

OCTOPUZ is an offline robot programming and simulation software ideal for any application. OCTOPUZ took a revolutionary approach to robotic programming by combining the offline programming of robots with a manufacturing process simulation, perfect for tech and sales teams. OCTOPUZ delivers what its name promises: maximum flexibility and versatility or optimum simplicity and efficiency. 

The team at Autoline can design and simulate your manufacturing processes and plant layouts prior to any purchase of capital equipment. See your own products in real motion and in 3D!

Our technical team are also able to remotely programme multiple robots offline for you making your manufacturing processes and robotic efficiencies better. 

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Would you like to purchase Octopuz for your business or book a demo?

As well as Autoline offering Octopuz as a simulation and offline programming service you are also able to purchase Octopuz for your business.

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Why Choose OCTOPUZ?

Multiple robots? No problem!

Program, simulate and generate code for multiple robots, simultaneously, with support for many robot brands in any configuration.

Software to robot integration
Program code generated from OCTOPUZ can be input directly into the robotic controls.

Complex kinematics systems
Not limited to 6-axis manipulators, OCTOPUZ can support 3-axis scara robots up to 7-axis manipulators, external axes (linear rails, rotaries), conveyors, feeders and more!

Our Customers
OCTOPUZ is used and trusted around the world. OCTOPUZ provides value each and every day to both Small and Medium Size Businesses and Fortune 500 companies!

Application Versatility
Full software versatility allows for unlimited uses.

Most robot brands supported
15+ brands supported with a regularly updated library.

Simple simulation building
Drag, drop and snap components together from the library to make complex systems with pre-made logic.

CAM interface
Program paths onto parts using your favourite CAM system and verify/create the motion for your robot system.