OCTOPUZ Simulation

OCTOPUZ Simulation


OCTOPUZ 3D Simulation Software:

Octopuz takes a revolutionary approach to robotic programming by combining the offline programming of robotics with a manufacturing process simulation, making it ideal simulation software for any application.  

Features of Octopuz give you all the tools needed for path-sensitive robotic applications, providing optimized external axis management and indicating the reach limitations while avoiding singularity.

OCTOPUZ Features


  • Multiple robots? No problem!

Program, simulate and generate code for multiple robots, simultaneously, with support for many robot brands in any configuration.


  • Software to Robot Integration

Program code generated from Octopuz can be input directly into the robotic controls.


  • Complex kinematics systems

Not limited to 6-axis manipulators, Octopuz can support 3-axis scara robots up to 7-axis manipulators, external axes (linear rails, rotaries), conveyors, feeders and more!


  • Our Customers

Octopuz is used and trusted around the world. Octopuz provides value each and every day to both Small and Medium Size Businesses and Fortune 500 companies!


  • Application Versatility 

Full software versatility allows for unlimited uses.


  • Most robot brands supported 

15+ brands supported with a regularly updated library.


  • Simple simulation building

Drag, drop and snap components together from the library to make complex systems with pre-made logic.


  • CAM interface

Program paths onto parts using your favourite CAM system and verify/create the motion for your robot system.


Purchase Octopuz for your business or book a demo?


As well as Autoline offering Octopuz as a simulation and offline programming service, you are also able to purchase Octopuz for your business.

Click HERE to get in touch with the team at Octopuz and mention 'Autoline Automation'