The Importance of Using Machine Guarding to Protect Your Team

The Importance of Using Machine Guarding to Protect Your Team

15 May 2017

Machinery guard

Every year, thousands of New Zealand workers injure themselves on unsafe machinery. Some of these accidents are minor, but others can cause serious harm or even death. If someone in your team is injured by an unguarded machine, you may be held liable for failing in your duty of care. Added to this, having injuries on site hurts morale and makes your people feel afraid or unsafe at work.

What’s worse is that many of these accidents are preventable. There are regulations in place to ensure machinery is guarded, so that workers cannot inadvertently place any part of their body in harm’s way. Inspectors regularly visit sites to ensure businesses are identifying and managing their hazards.

Here at Autoline, we offer a variety of equipment to help you properly guard your machinery and ensure your workers are safe. Our machine guards and fences enable you to isolate and manage hazards and hazardous areas, to prevent accidents on your site.

Our Gratis Guard modular system is an ideal solution for most manufacturing environments, with doors, interlocks, and area sensors available. This is a simple system using slot profiles that can be arranged to suit most machines and uses, including:

  • Robot cells
  • Hazardous machine guards
  • Personal safety barriers
  • Perimeter protection
  • Physical machine guarding

Tough materials ensure the guards cannot be shaken loose, and will withstand the pressures of a manufacturing environment.

Even in companies with a high safety record, machines can go unguarded while new guards are ordered or machines are replaced. What makes the Gratis Guard system so impressive is the fact that it’s modular. The guards can be taken apart and re-assembled anywhere they’re needed.

Using these guards together with our safety fencing range will ensure compliance with the Health & Safety regulations. We can even help you design your guarding system alongside your wider plant hazard management, to ensure you’ve thought of everything.

Worksafe NZ have a range of toolkits and fact sheets available to help you ensure you’re complying with your duties under the law, and that your machines are guarded in a way that’s sensible and safe. You can find more information about machine guarding regulations on the Worksafe website.

If you’re concerned about compliance in your workplace, and you want to keep your plant a safe environment for workers, then talk to us today about your machine-guarding requirements.