‚Äč OTC-Daihen Outstanding Sales Performance Award presented to Autoline

OTC-Daihen Outstanding Sales Performance Award presented to Autoline

26 Nov 2018

OTC Diahen Award to Autoline

Autoline Automation won an award at the OTC International Distributors meeting in Bangkok for launching OTC Robot Business in New Zealand.

We are honored to receive an award for outstanding sales of OTC Robots in our first year after our acquisition of Carbines Engineering and we look forward to smashing targets in 2019.

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Autoline Automation has come a long way. As a well-established and known name in the automation industry, it was a natural progression for us to move into the robotics market. We combined our industry strength with that of Carbines Engineering in 2017 and have gone from strength to strength. Carbines had been a player in the field of robotics for some time, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the robotics engineering market. With specialization in OTC-Daihen and Yaskawa Motoman robots, we've expanded our product line. We can now handle the entire production process for you. We have all the solutions a production line might need - from palletising to conveyor to welding robots and consumables. We work with our clients to build your robotic solution, using your existing process as our starting point and helping you achieve better, quicker production lines. We can incorporate our robotics and conveyors into an existing process or start dreaming up something entirely customized to your needs. Give us a call today to see innovation in action working for you!