Looking to Improve your Manufacturing Efficiency?

Looking to Improve your Manufacturing Efficiency?

9 Jun 2017

Manufacturing plant

In the manufacturing business, time is money. The faster you can get goods out the door to your customers, the more you can grow and expand. If you want to improve speed and efficiency, it makes sense to take a close look at your manufacturing process.

Efficiency extends beyond simply speeding up processes. An efficient manufacturing business has a solid system in place to ensure equipment is maintained. Regularly maintaining equipment extends its life, and helps the whole operation to move smoothly and stay on track.

At Autoline, we use automation to help businesses like yours improve efficiency. We can identify aspects of your line that could be automated, and show you the options that will help you create a lean, effective business. Using the latest innovation in robotics and automation machinery we work with you to optimize your productivity.

Find out how we can improve your business efficiency below:

1. We can help speed up processes

If you can increase the speed of your manufacturing line, you can dramatically improve efficiency across your business.

If you have a line that heavily relies on manual processes, we can definitely help you automate certain aspects of it. We offer a range of conveyor and robotic options, and our specialised team can help design a manufacturing line that’s efficient and cost-effective.

2. We’ll save on maintenance

We know that regular maintenance of machinery can help keep your plant running at peak efficiency for longer. However, maintenance and cleaning can make up a significant part of your budget. That’s why we have a range of solutions that can help reduce maintenance time.

For example, our gravity roller conveyors use gravity to move product. They have no electrical components – therefore significantly lowering the potential for breakdowns. Any breakdowns on the conveyor can usually easily be repaired so the machine can be quickly up-and-running again.

3. We can improve health and safety

Health and safety concerns are a very real cost to businesses, and dealing with compliance can be a real headache.

By automating certain aspects of your process or replacing components with robotics, you eliminate the need for human operators to be near large machinery. This helps to improve your health and safety record and ensure you remain compliant.

4. We can save you money

It’s true. Automating certain aspects of your process can slash your costs. You may be able to replace wages for several workers with robots and conveyor machines that can also run more product. You may also be able to choose some machines that don’t require power to run, further reducing your overhead costs.

Are you looking to improve efficiency in your plant? Then you need to talk to the team at Autoline about how automation and robotics can help. Contact us for more information.