Three Reasons You Should Invest in a Depalletiser

Three Reasons You Should Invest in a Depalletiser

15 Jun 2017

Depalletiser automatically unload pallets

Are your workers spending time unloading pallets by hand? Are you looking to improve efficiency in your plant? It’s time you considered a depalletiser.

Depalletisers automatically unload pallets. They can move glass, PET and other plastic materials from a standard 1200mmx1000mm pallet. However, if you use custom pallet sizes, we can adapt a depalletiser to suit.

There are many different types of depalletisers, depending on your needs. You can opt for an in-line, or robotic depalletiser, or if you need something specific, a fully-customised solution. Our recent acquisition of Carbines robotics means we have the ability to create unique robotics for any plant environment. We can also design and supply the downstream conveying to fit your line speed requirements.

Here are three reasons you should invest in a depalletiser:

Reason one: you’ll improve efficiency

Having workers unload pallets can be a slow process. Workers need to lift, shift, and drop product, and as they get tired, their pace will grow slower. If the items in the pallet are required on another part of the line, the line will need to slow or halt while the pallet is unloaded.

Using a depalletiser will speed up your process. A mechanical or robotic depalletiser will move and stack your goods in the required place, all while following the same steady pace. You’ll be able to keep your line running and maximise your workers in other areas.

Depalletizers can move objects in boxes, bags, totes, cases, or pails. Many depalletisers can also move and stack the pallets themselves. This means the machine can move a pallet to facilitate the unpacking of the new pallet from the same location.

Reason two: investing in the health of your workers

Having workers unload pallets is not only a poor use of their time, it’s also hazardous to their health. Bending down and lifting heavy product can cause back and shoulder strain, or even more serious injuries. This is especially common if workers are using incorrect lifting techniques or lifting more than the recommended weight.

By using a depalletiser, you free up your workers’ time and muscle power for other tasks around the plant, and you save them from the occupational injuries that will likely occur from continuous pallet unstacking.

Reason three: you’ll cut your filling costs

For small capacity lines, an Autoline Depal has a low cost solution that will quickly pay for itself in terms of increased efficiency and productivity.

With our ability to custom-build depalletisers, we can create a machine that works with your specific factory process. Your depalletiser could send some product down one line, and the rest down another – further improving production speed and lowering filling costs.

Interested in getting a depalletiser for your line? Contact Autoline for a no-obligation assessment of your current filling line. We’ll show you the different depalletising options and find the perfect solution for you.