5 Reasons a Gravity Roller Conveyor Can Increase Production

5 Reasons a Gravity Roller Conveyor Can Increase Production

10 May 2017

Gravity roller conveyor

If you’re in the manufacturing business, you know that production = profit. The faster you can roll out finished product, the more profit you stand to make. But increasing production can often come at a cost – you buy increasingly expensive equipment, that requires a high level of maintenance.

Not necessarily. Gravity roller conveyors are a simple piece of technology that can form the backbone of your production process. These conveyors use gravity to move product, and they’re a cost effective, low-maintenance solution for manufacturers.

Here are five reasons why using gravity roller conveyors will increase your production:

1. Gravity rollers are the most efficient way of moving heavy objects

Heavy product, such as wood, steel, and other manufactured products, require enormous forces to move them. Powering equipment to move these types of product can have a massive impact on overheads and production speed.

With a gravity roller, product is propelled along the roller from the initial force applied to push the item onto the roller conveyer. This means, the gravity roller doesn’t require its own power source, cutting down on production costs and overhead. It also means the production process can be streamlined to utilise the forces already being exerted, creating a faster, more efficient process.

2. Moving flat-bottomed objects? You can’t beat a gravity roller

For flat-bottomed products, gravity rollers work exceptionally well, as they employ a low-friction method of transport that supports the bottom surface. For this reason, gravity rollers are the most popular conveyer used in heavy manufacturing.

With non-flat objects, manufacturers have to be careful the product doesn’t take on the shape of the underlying rollers. This type of product can become jammed and impede the travel of the product along the line.

3. Gravity rollers are low maintenance

Because gravity roller conveyors aren’t under power and have fewer moving parts, their maintenance needs are low.

Gravity rollers use a system of cylinders on axle shafts. This creates a low-friction surface down which product can travel, meaning that even heavy-duty loads require only a minimum gravitational force. All this means your roller will break down less often and, when it does break down, repairs are swift and can usually be made in-house, without the use of a qualified technician. You’ll have less downtime and decreased maintenance costs.

4. Safety first. Gravity rollers help keep your plant safe

Compliance with safety regulations are a vital part of operating a manufacturing business. This is where gravity rollers come in use. Autoline gravity rollers are made to the highest safety standards and are designed to safely move product at speed through the supply chain. And, because these rollers aren’t operated by a computer, they can be easily halted or overridden in the case of an emergency.

5. Get up and running in a snap

Gravity rollers offer a simple yet flexible design. The conveyer can be made to a variety of lengths, and can be designed to fit most factory spaces and operational requirements. Installation is quick, and it can be altered and adjusted quickly, as well. It’s a low-cost solution that will suit businesses who need reliable production equipment on a tight budget.

This flexible system will grow as your company grows without becoming a drain on your finances, and because it’s a manual system (without a huge computer component), it won’t require tons of expensive upgrades.

Are you using gravity roller conveyors in your manufacturing business? Don’t lag behind when it comes to technology – make sure your production line has the right tools to do the job well. Speak to us for your conveyor and robotics solutions.

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