Automate with a Robot today for less than the minimum wage

Automate with a Robot today for less than the minimum wage

15 Nov 2017

Welding Robot


Do you have a skill shortage in your worshop or manufacturing facility?

With a shortage of high skilled workers, robotic welding technology will increase production and profit margin. A welding robot is able to weld three to five times faster than humans and is able to run continuously. No breaks in production, consistent cycle times and moving quickly between welds provides a substantial increase in output.

Do you need to increase your workshop productivity?

A robot welder is a competitive investment as it will allow for faster completion and delivery of poducts and ensures consistent quality throughout. Weld distortion is minimized as robot welders are programmed to the correct size required for the join and the speed reduces the amount of weld passes that can cause the surrounding metal to expand and distort. 

Are you doing repetitive manufacturing processes?

The accuracy and precison of a robot welder is far superior to a human. With correct welding angles, welder settings and an accuracy of (+0.04mm) a welding robot makes a continuous manufacturing process far more cost effective. 

A robotic welding solution typically starts at $75,000.00 +gst for a complete setup with 400amp inverter welder, frame and 3 days of staff training included. 

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