Machine Guarding & Safety Fencing


Modular Machine Guarding & Safety Fencing

  • SUITABLE FOR – Robot Cells, Hazardous Machine Guards, Personal Safety Barriers, Perimeter Protection and Physical Machine Guarding.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully modular system makes additions and changes quick, easy and cost-effective. The entire framing can be disassembled and relocated or reconfigured to suit your changing needs.
  • VERSATILE – Panel sizes are custom-made to your requirements
  • TOUGH – Will not vibrate loose
  • OPTIONS – Doors, interlocks and area sensors are available as part of a full safety system with your choice of mesh, polycarbonate, perforated sheet and solid panels.
  • SAFETY - Complies with the AS4024.1 Standard

Protect yourself and your staff and visitors during machinery operations with Autoline Automation's premium range of Industrial Safety Fencing solutions.

Gratis Guard & 1Guard both give excellent performance in industrial workspaces, click on the links below to find out more about our machine guarding and safety fencing systems, or contact the helpful team at Autoline to discuss your needs. 

safety machine guarding & fencing

1Guard Industrial Safety Fencing

Autolines 1Guard safety fencing system is the most low cost and affordable way to protect you and your employees in the workspace. Constructed from strong, robust 40x40 aluminium slotted posts with removable 150x150mm foot plates.

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safety fencing machine guarding

Gratis Guard Machine Guarding

Gratis guard, modular safety system consists of strong 40x40 aluminium posts and 38mm aperture mesh. Powder coated and anodised options available.

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