New Motion Palletisers


New Motion Palletising Equipment

Autoline's New Motion Palletisers take your plant to a whole new level improving production lines and processes. There are a wide range of models customisable to suit your requirements.

These are an economical solution to optimise your plant. Autoline can also supply a customised palletiser on a lease basis, whatever our clients want we listen.

Contact us today for a customised proposal for your plant. We will clearly demonstrate the savings to you and show how a New-Motion Palletiser will not cost you money.

Key features of the New Motion Palletisers;

-Compact mechanical design, minimum footprint needed.

-Solid build and less maintenance needed

-Easy access for inspection and maintenance

-Grow Concept-Makes it easy to add extra palletiser options later on

-Free view from all sides on the operations of the palletiser

-Unitek H-bridge technology for the horizontal movement

-Direct Drive Technology, so higher accuracy and less energy consumption

-Collision detection controlled by the servo drives and load cell

-Gripper head equipped with height detection, weight check and collision detection

-Easy operation with PC and user friendly software

-The HD touch screen has a PC 'look and feel'

-Easy change over to other recipes

-One platform for hand and software; HMI, Controller, Inverter, I/O safety

-All control components are Omron

-Remote Maintenance- With the Ewon Ethernet router you can minimise down time in the case of an event, we can advise your mechanic or operator which actions to undertake. In limited cases when we are unable to detect what is happening Autoline can switch to the IP-Camera, that way we are able to see and hear the machines status decreaisng downtime. 

-Simple to change to different pallets/configurations

-Modular system- making it simple for transportation and assembly

-600 single picks per hour or 1000 multi picks per hour. (Depending on product, gripper and stack patron)