Spiral Conveyors



We offer spiral conveyor solutions for a number of different applications. Spiral conveyors are typically used in applications where floor space is at a premium and there is a requirement for accumulation, changing level or cooling or tempering of product. Due to the diverse range of solutions available please contact us to discuss your particular application.


Transferring of small products is aways a challange and we offer an excellent solution with our range of miniature conveyors. We use an internal powered drive roller and small 5mm pitch modular chain to obtain and extremely compact conveyor with a tight transition point. Due to the modular belt construction we are able to accommodate most widths required.


Using modular belts we are able to construct curved conveyors with a tight 600mm inside radius, belt widths of up to 1000mm is possible. Long belt life is a key advantage with modular belts, as PVC type belts often cause issue with belt tracking and belt life if not consructed or maintained correctly. Angles from 0° to 180° is possible.