Custom Conveyors



Material handling and custom conveyor experts Autoline Automation are your go-to team for all custom-designed and installed Conveyor Accessories and Componentry. With a wide range of products and options available, we have a solution to meet your specific need, read about a few of them below and get in touch to discuss your needs with our team.


There is often a requirement to invert bottles prior to filling or as part of the pasteurisation process. The Autoline inline bottle inverter can be customised to suit a range of bottles and jars. We are also able to provide full air wash systems using ionised air for cleanliness and reduction of static. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Autoline can increase production throughput using accumulation conveyors to help the flow of your product. Typical applications are at the beginning of the process and also prior to a machine that has regular change overs or stop time. By installing an Autoline asccumulation table you can balance the product flow and provide a smoother running plant with increased effiencies.


In compact spaces an Alpine Conveyor is often a suitable solution. Using the MODU system we can design a solution to your exact requirements. The MODU Alpine conveyor consists of conveyors layered onto top of each other to act as a buffer between machines and can also be used for cooling or drying product. The Alpine conveyors helps optimise line efficiency and minimise overall footprint in your factory.