Belt Conveyors


AluPro Aluminium Belt Conveyors

Perfect for Food Grade Conveyor Applications

Alupro conveyors are easy-to-use, unbelievably durable and exceptional production floor performers. The Aluminium Modular Belt Conveyor Systems are excellent for food grade operations and food labeling, HAACP and OSH regulations have been considered in our design.

Alupro Belt Conveyor Systems are available in widths from 100mm to 1 metre and lengths from 250mm to 12 metres. The most common Conveyor is only 60mm thick and the outside belt running option lets the belt run right to the edge with minimal pinch points that require guarding. Conveyors of only 30mm thickness are also possible.

The Internal belt return on the Alupro conveyor is a feature which is perfect for operations where space below the belt may be at a premium and also permits additional guarding to be fitted to protect the return belt, especially if operators are working around or under the belt.

Using the Slotpro Profile System, which offers very simple construction, Alupro provides strong and durable performance in the conveyor and belt conveyor market. Contact the friendly, helpful team at Autoline today to find out more about the Alupro Conveyor range.

• SAFETY – Belt runs to the edge and protects operators from potential injury from pinch points and exposed rotary parts.

• COMPACT – Only 72mm diameter internal drive drum and Idler rollers, conveyor body is only 60mm thick.

• COST – Compare our prices. Our Conveyors are among the most cost effective on the market!

• RELIABLE – Large range of sizes and easily customizable, new parts and attachments are simple to replace or install.

• HACCP – Minimal places for entrapment of dirt and dust and slot free profile option available for critical cleanroom areas.

• VERSATILE – Large range of sizes and configurations available, slot profile makes attachments of guide rails, legs, sensors and brackets simple.